Another of Europe’s up and coming destinations for skiing and snowboarding, is Poland. There has been recent investment in many of the resorts, to improve their quality and standards across the board. These improvements are attracting more and more foreign visitors with a greater pull to the more advanced skiers and snowboarders. Home to two mountain ranges, the Carpathian mountains and the Sudetes, you can experience Poland’s under appreciated landscapes and altitudes reaching 2,499 metres. Being less popular has its advantages for those exploring Poland’s mountains, the very quiet slopes make it an ideal place for families. Compared to the traditional European ski destinations, the Polish cultural experience is different with it’s relaxed and friendly locals who provide excellent hospitality. Zakopane, one of the first resorts in Poland and one of the most popular, hosts many of the countries northern ski championships. Some of the major cities such as Krakow and Warsaw are near to the country’s ski resorts which could extend your winter adventure to include a city break for the ultimate Polish experience.