Lying near to the Arctic Circle, Sweden has an incredible scenic landscape with constant snow sure skiing during its season (which are much longer than the typical European season). Åre is the certainly the most famous, popular and also the largest resort attracting the most foreign visitors in the country. This is probably due to the fact that this resort has held numerous Alpine World Championships and often hosts World Cup Races. Visitors also flock to Åre to experience a range of Swedish winter activities such as cross-country skiing, snow shoeing, snowmobiling, ice fishing, dog sledding and snow karting.  In Åre there is a beautiful frozen lake which acts as a hub for many of the winter activities taking place nearby. The scenery throughout Sweden’s winter wonderland is truly magical with the breath taking Northern Lights, snow capped forests and pretty tree-lined trials.  It is a blissful experience to ski or snowboard in, but be aware that you may bump into the odd reindeer during your travels!