For any avid skier or snowboarder, Chile should undoubtedly be on your bucket list as a ski destination you need to visit! Perched within the Andes mountain range, you will experience staggering heights with some lifts taking you up to 3,650 metres- which will provide you incredibly stunning views and perfect snow. In the southern part of the country, you will be able to have the unique experience of skiing alongside active volcanoes. Chile is a great ski destination for the more advanced skiers and snowboarders with big vertical terrains and some fantastic backcountry areas with free riders also being able to take advantage of the natural half pipes formed by lava flows. Portillo, one of Chile’s iconic resorts, is famous for hosting some of the best freeride runs in South America and the world-renowned Yellow Hotel. Being in the southern hemisphere, Chile boasts a large amount of sunshine to support and enhance the fantastic skiing available. The sunshine also heightens the relaxed ski culture along with the fabulous Latin experience with local cuisine, wines and of course dancing!