What we offer


SNO.TAXI is striving to be the #1 mountain transfer solution finder.  You can get involved  by joining our network as a registered transfer operator. We have a clear remit of providing a great service to our customer with our easy to use system to arrange transfers.

As a transfer operator you will benefit from:

  • More leads heading your way
  • An increased online marketing presence
  • Your empty legs being filled
  • No fixed commission rates
  • An end-to-end automated booking process
  • Immediate notifications of leads
  • Instant payments along with full payment process and invoice creation
  • Operating in your chosen currency
  • Access to review your empty legs, manifests, invoices and statements online
  • SMS reminders for upcoming transits
  • 24 hour online support
  • Been able to update your online profile including your transit location


After registering all you will need to do is select the countries and resorts that you operate within along with any empty legs you are able to offer. SNO.TAXI will then take car of the rest, our systems will update to offer your routes to potential customers. We will only offer journeys that can be fulfilled by our operators.


With SNO.TAXI it is free to be registered as a transfer operator, advertise your empty legs and communicate with potential customers. Then when you have received a booking you will have a flat one-off fee of 9.5% including all transaction costs.


  • Our mobile app (IOS/Android) which will allow you to reply directly to enquiries
  • Customer cross check at point of enquiry against
    • Advertised empty legs
    • Scheduled services
  • More locations and countries available on the site
  • Micro-sites and API use of our booking engine
  • Direct booking links
  • Pre-load availability
  • Affiliate banners, links and widgets
  • Multi-language support
  • Reviews module