Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Everyone always has questions. So here at SNO.TAXI we have tried to put together a conclusive list of questions and answers.

We are sure to have missed something – so feel free to email us or use our Contact Us form to ask us any questions.


What information do I need in order to book?

We made the process of booking your transfer as simple as possible.

To start the booking process you will only need to know where and when you are needing to travel along with how many people require the transfer.

Please note: Young children and infants need to be included on the enquiry as we operate on a per-seat basis.

When completing the booking you maybe asked to supply additional information such as:

  • Estimated Baggage (and any sports related equipment)
  • Requirement of Child/baby Seats
  • Any request such as en-route stops*

* Where possible en-route stops will be accommodated, however some operators may request an additional fee or limit the length of time for the stop.

I cannot find the route I want to book?

Don’t worry, we can still help you!

If we do not currently operate a service to and from your desired location, then please pick a nearby town to your location and make a note in the special requests section of your desired location whilst completing the booking process. Alternately you can make a request through our forum or contact a member of our team at

Can I book a transfer with more than one stop?

Our operators will always try to accommodate your requests. If you require additional stops we would ask you make a note of this in the ‘special request’ section of the booking process.

If a stop has not been requested when completing the booking the driver may have to charge an additional cost.

What luggage entitlement will I have?

Our vehicles are generally mini-vans capable of carrying up to 8 passengers and luggage. The standard allowance is one-piece of hand luggage and one suitcase or bag. However, and as you would expect, our transfers are equipped to handle additional sporting equipment.

For Sporting Goods we ask that you specify the equipment when completing your booking, for example:

  • Ski and Snowboard Equipment (including bootbags)
  • Golf Equipment
  • Bikes (must be a packed in a box or bag)
I am returning from/to a different location – what do I do?

If you are returning from a different location than your initial drop off, or you are return to a different location (e.g. a different airport), the best option is to submit two requests for each journey.

Offers will then be sent to you for each leg of your transfer. From there you can select the most suitable option, this may be with a single or multiple operators.

How do I make a change to my booking?

If for any reason you need to make any amendments to your booking then you should contact a member of SNO.TAXI team at or use our online chat service.

How far in advance do I need to book?

It is always good to be organised.

We recommend booking at least a few days in advance of your trip to avoid disappointment of not getting the best deal.


How do I pay for my booking?

On completion of the booking process payment will be taken through your choice of either our secure payment provide (Stripe) or PayPal. SNO.TAXI accept all major credit cards – including MasterCard, VISA and American Express. Depending on your bank the transaction may take a few days to show on your statement. If there are any issues then please contact a member of the SNO.TAXI team by email to along with your booking reference number.

No payment information is held by SNO.TAXI. We use Stripe and PayPal for our online payment processing. Any financial data is held by Stripe and PayPal, we do not store bank details.

I need to cancel a confirmed transfer – what do I do?

If you wish to cancel a transfer then please contact a member of the SNO.TAXI team as soon as possible. Please check our Terms and Conditions policy to establish whether you are applicable to receive a refund or not.

Does SNO.TAXI retain payment card details?

No payment information is held by SNO.TAXI. We use Stripe and PayPal for our online payment processing. Any financial data is held by Stripe and PayPal, we do not store bank details.

What payment methods do you accept?

SNO.TAXI accepts all major credit cards – including MasterCard, VISA and American Express. You can choose whether to use our secure payment provider (Stripe) or your own PayPal account.

Should I be expecting any additional fees or charges?

There are no unexpected or surprisingly additional fees or charges when booking with SNO.TAXI.


Can we stop at a Supermarket on the way to our resort?

Private Transfers

Yes – please ensure that any request for stops should be noted as a ‘special request’ during the booking process. Any stops requested at time of booking will be included in the quote for the transfer. However, if not requested operators may charge for a stop and limit the amount of time during the stop.

Shared Transfers

Unlikely due to the nature of your booking. However, there is no harm in asking your fellow passengers and driver when you meet.

Do you provide child and infant seats?

YES – All of our vehicles are able to accommodate child and infant seats for all ages Free of Charge (FOC).

We only ask that you include the request at the time of completion of the booking, so that the driver can prepare for the transfer appropriately.

Where will I meet the driver when I arrive?

For meeting locations please follow the instructions on your booking confirmation. The driver (or company representative) will generally be waiting:

  • At a transfer desk
  • Holding a sign with the lead booking name

The representative will not be an employee of SNO.TAXI but will be a representative from the transfer operator you have chosen.

Each operator may have different meeting points at each location . Please ensure you read the booking confirmation for details.

Should you have trouble locating your driver then please use the emergency contact details on your booking form.

What happens if I can’t locate my driver?

If for any reason you are unable to locate your driver then please refer to the emergency contact information supplied in your booking confirmation. If you cannot find the emergency contact please immediately contact the team at SNO.TAXI at

When contacting your driver, please ensure that you use the country code when dialling. For example a French mobile number’s begin with +33 and UK numbers begin with +44.

Before you are due to take any legs of your journey – our system will send an email and SMS reminder of your upcoming transfer.

My group has changed, can I choose another vehicle?

Where possible, we will always try to accommodate changes and modifications to any confirmed bookings.

For any amendments to your transfer you will need to contact a member of the SNO.TAXI team either via email or our online chat service. We will notify the operator of the change in your requirement who will respond accordingly. Please be aware that any changes may result in a charge for the additional seats required.

How long will the transfer take?

SNO.TAXI transfer operators provide door-to-door services across mountain resorts worldwide. Transfers times will obviously vary dependant on your selected journey. When you create a transfer request you will receive an email confirming your requirements where an estimated journey time will be provided.

Estimated journey times are based on average transfer times with good traffic and without adverse weather conditions. Drivers will always try their best to get you to the destination as safely and promptly as possible.

Will we have to wait for other people?

Private Transfer

No, a private transfer is for your party only, so:

  • No waiting for others
  • Only stops when you request them
  • Straight to Resort

Shared Transfer

Shared transfers consist of passengers who are grouped together dependent on their expected arrival or departure time.

For arrivals (i.e. at an airport or train station where scheduled services have an estimated time of arrival) we limit the amount of waiting time. During return departures exact pick-up times from your location will be sent to you by your driver prior to the transfer.

What if our arrival is delayed?

It happens, and can be very frustrating.  Whether you have a flight or train delay, or some other unavoidable reason we will do our best to ensure the minimum impact on your onward journey. We request that you contact the emergency contact provided in your booking confirmation as soon as possible.  In most instances  (short delays of less than 1.5 hours) it is likely that no extra charges will be incurred.  However after a reasonable delay it maybe that there are additional costs due to cover driver wages and parking fees. 

In the unfortunate event that you are delayed for a considerable length of time; it maybe that the driver is unable to wait due to other transfer commitments.  In that case the the operator will obviously try to arrange an alternative collection at a later time.

If you feel that you cannot wait then you have the option to make alternative arrangements.  Please note, this will be entirely at your own costs, and we will be unable to offer any refund.  We recommend that you have suitable travel insurance so that in this instance you can claim a refund through your insurance provider. SNO.TAXI will endeavour to supply any supporting information you require to help with your claim.

Who do we contact if we have a delay or problem?

Once you have completed your reservation you receive a booking confirmation and follow-up emails. These emails will contact the emergency contact information for your transfer. However if you cannot see the information then contact a member of the SNO.TAXI immediately at or via our online chat service with your booking reference.

What happens if there is heavy snow or adverse weather conditions?

All vehicles used by SNO.TAXI will have snow tyres and chains to ensure they are ready for the mountain weather. Our operators will regularly inspect vehicles and ensure that drivers are experienced in driving in winter conditions.

Should adverse weather cause delays, drivers will do their best based on their expertise and knowledge of the area to navigate to your destination as quickly and safely as possible.

What happens in the event of traffic congestion on transit to the airport or station?

We appreciate that trains, planes and coaches will not wait for you. However our drivers will make every effort to get you there on time. This may mean you will have to an earlier pick up (than you desire), to avoid possible congestion and allow contingency for adverse weather.

Please adhere to the requests of the operator as they will be doing everything possible to minimise the journey time.

Our driver is held up enroute to us, why?

Your driver will inform you as soon as possible if they are delayed en-route to you (e.g due to adverse weather or traffic congestion). They will send you updates on their arrival time.

Emergency contact details can be found in your confirmation emails.


Where are my login details?

During your first booking you will have created your account by using your email address and a password you chose to use.

If you can’t remember your password – follow the ‘forgotten my password’ link. An email will then be generated with a link to reset your password. If you’re still having any issues, please do get in touch via our online chat service, or email

What can I see on my SNO.TAXI account?

Your SNO.TAXI account is accessed by logging in using the ‘LOGIN’ button in the top right-hand corner of the SNO.TAXI website. After signing in, you can access your account by pressing ‘Hi ‘YOURNAME”, again in the top right-hand corner. This will take you to your account dashboard. From here you will be able to access your upcoming and previous transfers booked with SNO.TAXI.


Who operates SNO.TAXI?

SNO.TAXI is a European based company with a passion for mountain adventures. The transfer operator market is growing year on year, providing more options for explorers to find their suitable transfers. We know that we are not the first transfer finder site but with our unique solutions for customers and operators – we believe we are the best! With our experience in web development and marketing, we provide clever algorithms to create a unique booking experience.

We do not operate our own transfers. We leave that to the professionals!

Why do transfer operators use SNO.TAXI?

Transfer operators want to make money! Empty legs and unsold seats mean the company is operating in-efficiently. In a perfect world an operator would have paid transfers from every drop-off.

Both small and large fleets benefit from the service.

Why should I use SNO.TAXI?

Very simply, you’ve probably already come to the conclusion that:

  1. Local trains are too infrequent and cant get you door to door
  2. Scheduled local buses are slow and can involve too many changes
  3. Pre-booked taxis can be very expensive
  4. Car hire is a hassle, and many are uncomfortable driving in a foreign country. Also you’ll probably only use it twice (once to resort and once back!) and will have to pay for parking.

So you have elected that a transfer service is probably the best solution to get you to your destination. But now,

  • Who do you choose?
  • How much will they cost?
  • How many will I need to contact to ensure they can meet my requirement?

At this point its time to use SNO.TAXI! Our solution will:

  • Save time
  • Get the most suitable transfer for your party at the most competitive price

If its all about budget then you benefit from getting quotes from many companies who may have empty seats on shared transfers or indeed an empty leg that they wish to fill.

At peak periods it just may be very difficult to find a suitable transfer that suits your required timings. With SNO.TAXI your enquiry is sent to all qualifying operators and you pick what suits, pay and your booking confirmation is sent direct to you.

How much does it cost to use

To you the traveler SNO.TAXI is free. Meaning that prices you are offered are what you will pay.

SNO.TAXI do the hard work for you by asking all operators to offer you a service at a price and those who can, will. Please be aware that you are not committed to any services offered to you. So, if you elect to take one of the offers then great, if not then please bear us in mind next time.