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Tired of driving with empty seats in your vehicle? Why don’t you advertise them with Empty Legs on SNO.TAXI!

Give it a go, add your available seats here…

Empty Leg

PLEASE SELECT (Single Choice) The mode of transportation you have available as an empty leg. You can then add the price and number of seats available.


Shuttle Image

Shuttles are generally 8-15 Person Vehicles. Similar models include Vauxhall Vivaro, Mercedes Vito or Ford Transits.

Taxi Car Image

Private Hire Companies and Taxi Operators have many styles of cars. Use this selection for a standard vehicle type. Models include Ford Mondeo or VW Passat.

VIP Car Image

Offer a luxury or VIP model car to transport the passengers. Vehicles should be regarded as Prestige. Models should have leather as standard and preferably have entertainments systems included.

Bus Image

Bus and Coach operators can accommodate larger parties in one single vehicle.

Limousine Image

Primarily for Stretched Limousine operators who can offer a VIP Service.

Helicopter Image

The ultimate transfer solution. For those operators who offer Helicopter Services please enter your offers below. Due to the nature of transportation it is assumed that the offer is for private use. If this is incorrect please make a note in the NOTES Section of your submission.

Enter the cost per seat in your default currency. Avoid decimal places and round to nearest unit rather than have pence or cents. Min Value is 10.
Enter the available seats you have on this leg. Despite the name "Empty Leg" you should advertise any available seats. Fill those spaces!


Transit Time *
More customers maybe encouraged to take a seat on an Empty Leg if there is leeway offered. However, others may also be put-off with the thought of a long wait time in the airport waiting for others. You can always update the field later if you find take-up of seats is slow.
Notes to be displayed to the customer.